Navigating Sex, Life & Aging in our 40’s, 50’s & 60’s
Meet 3 generations of women, who share from their experience and knowledge, about sex, life and aging, in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. How does nutrition and self care tie into living the life you love?  Join us as we discuss our challenges, opportunities and fight for a better life.

Check Out These Episodes 

#1 SEX: Penis & Plants
#2 Meet the Mavens Behind the Podcast
#3 The Lovely Holidays (as a Vegan)
#4 Do you Get Enough Leucine and Protein and Does That Really Matter?
#5 Getting Down with Lubrication
#6 Lightning Strikes & Menopause

Meet Your Plant Powered Sisters

Katherine Lawrence

Generation: 40's

Sexy Engineer, Strong Christian, Boy Mom, Southerner, Nutrition Geek, Remarried with 5 Kids

Katherine Lawrence is a globally recognized certified nutritionist with more than 17 years experience specializing in disease prevention and empowering students to make changes at home that are healthy and easy. She provides a level of encouragement and hope that is unmatched in her field. 

In 2006, Katherine was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and was told she would be infertile as there was no cure for her condition. Through proper nutrition, she was able to reverse her diagnosis and go on to have three healthy boys.

Katherine is the Founder of the Food Saved Me Institute (FSMI) which inspires, teaches and equips others to improve their overall health with proper nutrition education and to make an impact in communities around them. She also founded Food Saved Me, a Saladmaster Dealership which played a large role in changing her life.

With certifications from Stanford Medicine in Nutrition Science and Cornell University in Plant-Based Nutrition, Katherine has taught over 800 physicians and medical personnel, and over 20,000 students how to apply important nutrition information to their patients.

Brooke Ali

Generation: 50's

World Citizen, Mom of 3 Adults (actress, engineer & gamer), Hippy at Heart, Mixed Race Marriage for 32 years

Brooke is the author of Vegan20, a vegan restauranteur, chef, certified nutritionist & educator. She started out sharing amazing vegan food by hosting cooking parties with friends, which turned into cooking classes, then restaurant pop-ups, to eventually a vegan restaurant.

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, she explored the nuances of a whole food plant based lifestyle. By applying radical self care and plant based diet, she was able to reverse the disease. 

Brooke has partnered with Dr. Patricia Thomson to create Wellness20, The Best Plant Based Conference Ever, The Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO, & GreenSpark Market which focuses on a global approach to the power of healing foods and sustainability. Brooke's mission in life is to share her experiences, nutritional expertise, recipes, and secret hacks from owning a restaurant, with people around the world. 

Brooke earned her nutrition certificate through e-Cornell Center for Nutrition Studies, macrobiotic healing through Living Vegan Vibrantly, her culinary certification through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and her teaching certification through the Food Saved Me Institute.

Patricia Thomson, PhD

Generation: 60's

Science Geek, Mom of 3 Adults, East Coast Maven, Straight Shooter, Married 32 years

Patricia R. Thomson, Ph.D., aka Dr. T, is the author of WFPB20 (Whole Food Plant Based), a certified nutritionist, Events Director, coach, consultant, and cancer survivor. As the co-founder of Wellness20, Dr. T is on a mission to create thriving communities around the world.

Dr. T is the co-founder Wellness20, The Best Plant Based Conference Ever, The Food as Medicine Summit & EXPO, and GreenSpark Market (which is a community collective event featuring and supporting green, sustainable and/or vegan businesses).   

Dr. T has taught courses in employee wellness, disease prevention, and reversal for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, in addition to weight loss management, food addiction, thyroid and hormone control, digestive disorders, and kid’s health. She has worked extensively with nonprofit organizations in helping to raise awareness for a variety of compelling causes.

Patricia earned her nutrition certificate through e-Cornell Center for Nutrition Studies, her plant-based culinary certification through the Rouxbe Culinary School, and her teaching certification through the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine Food For Life program. She has her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences - Toxicology.   -  All Rights Reserved